You are dead, and that’s the truth.
And what is the key to coming back to life?


When you recover awareness, you resurrect & come back to life.
That’s why you are here: to come back from the dead & reclaim your own divinity.
— The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery

Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.
— Matthew 5:15

Do you remember when you forgot who you are?

This heralds a movement spearheaded with the intent to activate the Divine spark inherent in women of color across various orientations; to awaken them.

There is a reality where Brown women choose themselves and root for other Brown women—creating a community where all are empowered and relevant.

FLY is inspiring and motivating to see.

FLY is its own platform.

It is not contained in a box, nor does it have one particular path.

FLY is a flexible spectrum.

This movement will present and expand the definition of what FLY is, what it does, and how it looks by activating the Divine spark in multitudinous ways, while igniting that spark in other Brown women to express "FLY"-ness lived & defined by them.

Flaunt Your FLY! is a clarion call for women to assert who they are.

You are the Spark.

Will you answer the call?

As humans getting though this thing called Life, we are often caught up in the immediate world we see.

Things of beauty and grandeur transform and transfix us.

Often times we are so enamored with the beauty of what we see, that we never consider that the things we are transformed by, have also undergone transformations as well.

The thing that now stands before our eyes, did not always exist as we see it now.

To truly appreciate “FLY” is to understand its formation.

To understand its inception & to understand what is needed for it to be nurtured and to thrive.

FLY is not a look.

It is not an end-result.

At its core FLY is an evolutionary process.

A never-ending transcending from one level to to the next.

To Flaunt Your FLY! is to own the process.

To stand confidently at each stage of its evolution . . . no matter how it looks.
— FLYKelly