Death to Religion

Oh my...
there is a lot more to salvation required than being saved lol...
God offered a lot to us after being saved, relationship, communication, not only where He finally listens but He speaks back...
there are still mysteries and illusions going on that God wants to show...
but we are busy being nosy, wearing black and white, waiting on a key change and the right beat smh.
— Eld. Paden Winslett

Growing up (in Church), religious devotion seemed to be a script to be mastered.

Don't have the wrong script. You could miss heaven altogether!

And don't be human...don't have any questions that threaten the script.

My religious experience melds the Baptist, Apostolic, & Pentecostal denominations.

I am unsure what the original religion of my bloodline was. 

...because I am unsure of my bloodline pre-Middle Passage…or even post-Middle Passage.

What I am sure of, though, is that God cannot be circumscribed to our human descriptions; albeit this all we have.

God permeates everything, and desires most to permeate our psyche--changing the way we see ourselves & experience others.

Like Adam & Eve, so many hide in plain sight.

I hid.

Wore a mask.

But then I questioned the script.

We were never meant to hide our humanity, but to surrender it as the ultimate instrument for manifesting the King(Queen)dom on Earth as unique human portals.

Religion will never equate to relationship.  

Discover the length, the breadth, & variations of surrendering.

This IS the way into the King(Queen)dom.


Nicolia Kelly