Find Your Keys!


Growing up I was told things like magic and/or witchcraft was bad.  I was told that there is no such thing as a "good witch" (after watching the "Wizard of Oz" & other Disney movies as a child), because all witches were bad, & satanic, and to never entertain ANYTHING that could remotely fall within these “mysterious” areas.

...but again.  I questioned the script. I always do.

“What is magic?”

“What is a witch?”

“What is witchcraft?”

Magic can be defined as that otherworldly “knowing” that only a select few possess illegally--by bending natural law.

Sidenote: #BlackGirlMagic has become quite a popular phrase to use, but so few really know what it means.


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Historically, a witch has been seen as a subversive woman drawing “power” from the spirit realm outside of orthodox (widely accepted) social systems (ie. Christianity, patriarchy, etc.)

Whiteness, Christianity & patriarchy have all been the dominant systems historically & currently.

A woman too free, too confident, too powerful, too “knowing,” (subverting the widely accepted social systems of the time) ran the risk of being termed witch--ostracized or even killed.

Ironically, it was said (by the Pharisees & Sadducees) of Jesus when casting out demons, that He cast out Beelzebub (Satan) by Beelzebub. In this way Jesus was considered a warlock (male witch) by those in the dominant social sect because they had never seen such authority exercised before.

He would be eventually killed for it.

Interacting with people outside His social caste, performing miracles and PUBLIC works of healing, all threatened a system of  control to which the people of his time subscribed & were comfortably conformed.

He overthrew everything His society held to be true.

Similarly, healers & creatives have “always” colored outside of the lines.  Our place has always been unique as we draw power and inspiration DIRECTLY from the Divine, irrespective of controlling social systems.

Often, though, we find ourselves missing the essence of a thing because of what a thing is called.  We allow socially projected fears & connotations of a name keep us from discovering the truth of what really stands before us.

Words are like the ‘raw code’ of a computer programmer & contain no inherent meaning other than the ENERGY we program into them.
— FLYKelly

Whether you know it or not ALL of us are practicing our “own” magic in some form or fashion. 

We always have, because we ARE magic in the flesh. 

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.
— KJV Bible, Genesis 2:7

However, many of us have been scared off from discovering the truth by the fear of mere "words" and the connotations that others (wishing to control your perception--thus controlling YOU!) have injected those words with.

I've written my own "code" injecting my own meanings for these words:  

*This is not an all-inclusive definition but a shortened translation of what these words mean for me.*

*This is not an all-inclusive definition but a shortened translation of what these words mean for me.*

Just remember that things we take for granted today (i.e. technology, medicine, holistic healing practices such as Reiki) at one point would have been considered witchcraft & Divinely gifted persons burned at the stake.

Consciously embrace that YOU are magic in the flesh.

Strip away your fears (and the fears you have been conditioned with) by forms, systems, religion, and yes...even words. 

"Have you found your Keys to the Kingdom?”  


Nicolia Kelly