As humans getting though this thing called Life, we are often caught up in the immediate world we see.

Things of beauty and grandeur transform and transfix us. Often times we are so enamored with the beauty of what we see, that we never consider that the things we are transformed by, have also undergone transformations as well. The thing that now stands before our eyes, did not always exist as we see it now.

To truly appreciate “FLY” is to understand its formation.

To understand its inception.

To understand what is needed for it to be nurtured and to thrive.
FLY is not a look.

It is not an end-result.

At its core FLY is an evolutionary process. A never-ending transcending from one level to to the next.

To Flaunt Your FLY! is to own the process. To stand confidently at each stage of its matter how it looks.
— FLYKelly